Everything started the  first time my grandfather brought me to the neighbourhood's  barber. I felt in love immediately with the environment, the people, the sounds of the scissors cutting, how the barber moved his hands and used the razor, the smell in the air of the aftershave. Than one day, in 2003,  my grandfather asked me to cut his hairs and suddenly something happened in my mind… that was the moment when I realised that I wanted to become a Barber.

I started my Hairdressing School in 2005 in Italy. Since than I have been working  with many talented Hair Stylists and Barbers in Milan, Genova, Edinburgh,  London, Madrid, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

I have been also an Educator  in one of the most important Barber Academy in London. My barber skills respectfully nods to the finest Italian way of doing things:

Meticulous attention to detail, inherent good manners and artisanal values.